You can call (443)717-1256 to set up an appointment or just fill up the form in contact page and request the in-home estimate.

Of course. We usually price several levels of cabinet and counter and floor selections so you can get a feel for the cost versus the quality and style that you have to choose from. Typically, we will try to suggest products that are consistent with the quality of the Floor, cabinets and counters that you choose. We will try to make sure many possibilities are considered.

It can really vary. The age and shape of your house, the size of your kitchen, the amount of work required and the quality and scope of the materials and details chosen are just a few of the variables. According to Remodeling Magazine —national averages for a complete kitchen with mid-range selections run from $21,246 for a minor remodel to $56,611 for a major remodel, and the average for what is called an upscale kitchen is $110,964. We still can do quality kitchens starting under $10,000 for a moderate size room that does not require much construction.

We are glad to work with you. We are a great choice because of our design and construction experience. We will design and specify exactly like we would if we were installing. This means that your plans will be complete, detailed and ordered with all of the material needed to complete your unique design and features. We are glad to stop by any time during the installation for clarification, questions or advice. We work well with most contractors, they know that we know what we are talking about. Most contractors are all too familiar with kitchens from other sources that come with poor planning and documentation, without enough moldings, with parts missing or other various problems, delaying the completion.

Maybe, if there is substantial construction involved. Our goal is to have the countertops measured as soon as possible in the process. Other work can proceed after the tops are measured while we are “on-the-clock” for the countertop installation. We can put in a temporary sink after the countertop measure to help you get by while waiting for your countertops.